The Best Nursing Tanks To Keep You Comfortable And Looking Great

Anne McDermott
By Anne McDermott / August 26, 2016
Best nursing tanks

Picking out a nursing tank can often be a struggle with old-fashioned styles, tricky clasps, and boring patterns. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When nursing my first child a few years ago, I found myself settling for boring, uncomfortable nursing tops. I was constantly struggling to get myself in position to nurse and with clasps that broke, all with a hungry baby waiting!

When I had my second child, I was determined to find a nursing tank top that made me feel fashionable, but was also functional and easy to use. Much to my surprise, there are tons of great maternity and nursing tanks out there. In fact, many can now be used for both pregnancy and nursing. Some of my favorites are comfortable enough to keep around long after nursing days are done. Here are my top five best nursing tank top reviews.

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Bearsland nursing tank





Shop pretty girl maternity tank

Shop Pretty Girl




Undercover mama nursing tank

Undercover Mama




Leading Lady nursing cami

Leading Lady




Suiek nursing tank





1. Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top

Bearsland nursing tank

We all know that one of the struggles of finding the best nursing tank tops is that we don’t want them to look like a nursing tank top! Luckily, Bearsland has an entire line of stylish and functional tops, covering everything from floral patterns to your favorite colors. The clever layered design of this top makes it simple to use for nursing: just lift up the front layer!

Four different sizes ensure that everyone will be able to find a shirt that fits them perfectly. The fact that it’s an extremely comfortable blend of polyester and spandex is only more proof that this is one of the best nursing tanks on the market.

2. Shop Pretty Girl Maternity Basic Seamless Tank

Shop pretty girl maternity tank

This simple tank’s greatest strength is that it’s stretchy, making it perfect to wear during both pregnancy and later on as a nursing tank. It’s also cut extra-long to ensure that it’ll cover your pregnancy belly, which also makes it perfect for layering.

It’s a one-size-fits-all tank, which I usually avoid. But, nearly ninety percent of purchasers said it fit them perfectly due to its mix of nylon and spandex! But, if you're on the larger or smaller end for sizing you might want to check one of the other tanks with more sizing options.

Available for a low price and made in over ten different colors, this could be the best maternity tank on the market when it comes to selection. Functionally, this tank top keeps it simple. It’s stretchy enough to pull down and nurse without having to fuss with different clasps or straps.

3. Undercover Mama Nursing Tank Top

Undercover mama nursing tank

This nursing tank combines comfort and functionality like no other with its mix of cotton and spandex. It’s a sleeveless top that attaches to your bra. You wear it under clothing to make breastfeeding in public a much simpler and more modest process.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, over a dozen colors and patterns make this tank irresistible! It comes in sizes from extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large so there’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect fit. Finally, a full satisfaction guarantee ensures that if there are any problems with your top, the company will cover it.

4. Leading Lady Empire Waist Nursing Cami

Leading Lady nursing cami

The style of this nursing tank doesn’t resemble the traditional nursing tank at all. It has an empire waist to give you a fitted look, along with a lace racerback detail that will make you want to wear this shirt even when you’re done nursing! You’ll want to buy all four colors of this fashionable tank.

A feature that sets this shirt apart from many others is that is has a built-in nursing bra and comes in several different sizes. But let’s not forget about functionality. All you have to do is unclasp the two easy one-hand nursing clips to drop down the dual cups for breastfeeding or pumping. One of the most popular nursing tanks available, the style and the rave reviews from customers prove that this shirt is worth the buy.

5. Suiek Maternity Nursing Tank Top

Suiek nursing tank

You’d never guess this cute patterned tank top was a nursing tank! This top was designed as a pajama top that doubles as a way to breastfeed easily. The sides of the shirt can simply be pulled aside without having to handle any clasps or straps; it's really easy.

Another great attribute to this top is its elasticity, which guarantees it will stay comfortable rather than being too tight. Mothers say that they wore these tanks during the early stages of pregnancy, while nursing and long after they were done breastfeeding due to how comfortable and cute they were! Rave reviews show that this top is one of the best nursing tanks available.

Finally, this is one of the most affordable tops on the market and comes in a variety of options from singles to triple-packs. ​All in all, this versatile top is a real bargain.


If you were in search of the best maternity tank or nursing tank, now you have plenty of options! If you’re still stuck and can’t pick your favorite, here are a few tips.

  • If you’re looking to be stylish but still functional, wear the Leading Lady Cami or the Bearsland tank top. Nobody will have a clue that you’re wearing a nursing tank!

  • If you’re looking for complete comfort, both the Suiek and the Shop Pretty Girl tanks are great choices.

  • Finally, if you’re mainly looking for a nursing tank to aid you in breastfeeding in public, the Undercover Mama tank has you covered.

No matter which of these great tops you pick, you'll get a functional, easy-to-use top that's also stylish and fashionable!

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